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Rank 47 Location London, England, UK Established 1860 International Students 14%
Famous Courses Graduate Employment International Fees Between £14,250 and £15,250

University of West London UK

The University of West London (UWL), especially known as the "career university," boasts an exceptional graduate employment record and offers courses that are expressly created to help students find jobs after graduation. 

A highly regarded public research university is the University of West London. Founded in 1860, the University of West London, now known as Thames Valley University, underwent a name change in 1992. The Ealing and Brentford neighborhoods of London are home to the University of West London campus. More than 30,000 students who were enrolled in full- and part-time studies resided there. The university offers undergraduate, graduate-level teaching, and doctoral-level research degrees to its students. UWL University is divided into 9 schools:

  • The Claude Littner School of Business
  • The London Geller College of Tourism and Hospitality
  • The School of Engineering and Computing
  • London College of Music, College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare 
  • The Law School
  • The Social Sciences and Human Studies School
  • A biomedical sciences school
  • Film, media, and design of London School

Why the University of West London for International Students?

It is a result of its career-focused instructional strategies. The university wants to give its students the greatest education and real-world experience possible. Students have an advantage in terms of employability because of the location of the University of West London. Additionally, the university gets applicants from all across the world. Consequently, this university becomes a focal point of the diversified worldwide community. Here are a few additional justifications for picking UWL as your study-abroad location.

Support for Academics and Careers:

This university works with a variety of sectors and supports job placement for its students. An everlasting network is formed by affiliation with UWL University. The university helps the students with jobs, housing, financial aid, and other things. To help its students perform at their highest levels, UWL offers a variety of amenities. It also emphasizes finding solutions to the students' issues. This is way, they can feel the university like their home.

Thriving Community of Students and Teachers:

UWL demonstrates its value in the student-teacher community. Here, students come from 100 different countries worldwide. Additionally, the university's professors come from several nations. At UWL, both students and the teaching bodies have diversity. 34% of the teaching staff and 60% of the student body are black or members of an ethnic minority. 50% of professors and more than 60% of pupils are female. At the University of West London, the median gender wage difference is .4%, which is too small. As a result, students who choose UWL will learn about the ethnic and cultural variety of the campus from other students.

Exposure to the Workplace and Practical Instruction:

The University of West London's course curriculum is created by industry professionals. They give the pupils instruction and exposure to the workforce. The pupils also have several options to succeed in the workplace. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Silver award has been presented to this university. TEF is a government organization in the UK that rates UK universities. Students can thus apply to the UWL if they want to study from business executives.

Location and living costs: The advantages of the University of West London's location are enormous for students. London is a vibrant, cultural metropolis where annual living expenses might reach £13,000. Students in the UK can support themselves by working a part-time job. 

University of West London Ranking

The strong teaching qualities are clearly reflected in the University of West London Ranking. Regarding instruction quality, it is among the top 10 colleges. Ten indicators make up the entire University guide ranking system. These metrics include, among others, the student-staff ratio, student happiness, and the quality of the research. On the other side, there are nine indicators included in the Guardian university rating. 

University Rankings:

  • In the 2024, Times Good University Guide, 47th place
  • In the Guardian University Guide 2024, position 32
  • London's top contemporary university, ranking 8th in the UK
  • According to The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, teaching quality ranks fourth overall and 52nd overall in 2020.
  • According to the National Student Survey in 2019, UWL University is the best modern university in London is one that students are generally satisfied with.
  • Best in London for both student satisfaction and educational quality, according to The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018
  • A Silver medal from the Teaching Excellence Framework was given in recognition of the consistently excellent caliber of instruction.

Courses Rankings:

  • In the field of Arts & Design, the program is ranked 38th, reflecting its strong reputation and quality.
  • Accounting and Finance, with a ranking of 95, is a highly regarded program for those interested in financial management.
  • Business & Management Studies holds the 111th position in the rankings, indicating its standing among top business education programs.
  • Communication and Media is a popular choice in UWL University, ranking 29th, making it a competitive field for aspiring communicators.
  • Civil Engineering boasts a ranking of 55, showcasing its excellence in preparing students for careers in infrastructure and construction.
  • Computer Science is a dynamic field, with a ranking of 107, attracting tech enthusiasts and innovators.
  • Psychology, ranked 112th, offers valuable insights into the human mind and behavior.
  • Nursing is highly esteemed, holding the 37th rank, making it a top choice for those pursuing a career in healthcare.
  • In the realm of Law, the program secures the 106th position, offering a comprehensive legal education to future lawyers and advocates.

University of West London Fees

The cost of attending University of West London is quite reasonable. With this university, students may readily seize the chance to study in UK. In the UK, undergraduate degrees cost between £14,250 and £15,250 per year in tuition. Additionally, students are given scholarships that lower their tuition. The cost of a master's degree at UWL in the UK ranges from £14,750 to £15,750 annually.

Criteria for Admission

The University of West London's entrance requirements are minimal. An offer letter is usually issued for those students who scored more than 60%. The university does not offer an instructional medium. The students must now take the English language test. Learn more about the UWL's admittance criteria below.

  • For undergraduate admissions, applicants should have achieved a minimum of 60-65% in their 12th standard examinations.
  • Candidates need to obtain at least 55% in bachelor’s degree to be eligible for post graduate programs. 
  • In order to consider for an admission to a doctoral program, candidates must have earned a master’s degree with a GPA of between 65 - 70%. 
  • In terms of language proficiency, a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 with a 5.5 band score is required for undergraduate admissions, while postgraduate programs also require an IELTS score of 6.0 with a 5.5 band score. For a PhD program, a higher IELTS score of 7.0 with a 7.0 band score is necessary.
  • Alternatively, for language proficiency, PTE scores of 59-64 or above are accepted in University of West London UK for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. However, PTE scores are not accepted for PhD admissions.
  • TOEFL scores ranging from 72-80 or above are considered sufficient for both undergraduate and postgraduate admissions, but they are not accepted for PhD programs.
  • Duolingo's scores are not accepted as proof of language proficiency for any level of study.
  • In terms of letters of recommendation (LOR), one LOR is required for undergraduate admissions, while postgraduate and PhD programs require two LORs.
  • Work experience is a requirement for admission to PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate programs.  
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Under graduate

  • BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
  • BA (Hons) Advertising and Public Relations
  • BSc (Hons) Computing
  • BA (Hons) Music Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
  • BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

Post graduate

  • MA Creative Writing
  • MSc Applied Project Management
  • MSc Data Science
  • MA International Human Rights
  • MSc Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Health Psychology

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The University of West London typically has multiple intakes for various courses. Common intake periods include:

September Intake:

The main intake for many undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It aligns with the beginning of the academic year.

January Intake:

Some courses offer a second intake in January, providing flexibility for students to begin their studies at the start of the calendar year.

May Intake:

Some postgraduate programs may have an additional intake in the spring, allowing for mid-year entry.

It's important to note that specific intake options can vary depending on the course and level of study. Prospective students are advised to check the official University of West London website or contact the admissions office for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding course intakes.


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