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Doing a master's is always a special feeling and what if we add it from abroad like the UK? Yes, you read it right, if you want to do an MBA In the UK, WayUp Abroad is here to help you. The UK MBA programs for international students bring diversified opportunities that are unmatchable worldwide.

The UK is known for being the best university in the world as they provide the highest standard of research quality, and students also have a chance to learn how actual business works, allowing them to network and load more.

So, if you want to do an MBA Course in the UK, check this page out for more information. Connect with WayUp Abroad to excel in your career.

MBA Course Duration

The executive MBA is designed for professionals with a duration of 1-2 years. The students can get a more flexible structure due to the work schedule. A full-time MBA is completed in 12-18 months and a part-time MBA is completed in 2-4 years.

  • If you are a graduate, looking for a short-term course, then there is 12 to 18 months course.
  • If you are looking for a long-term MBA course and can invest more time, then you can find 24 to 28 months of course.

In both the course types, you can find online MBAs and even part-time MBAs too.

MBA Course Fees

The MBA in the UK costs around £19,000 per year and if you are doing it from any prestigious college it costs around £65,000. Students from different backgrounds can pursue an MBA at a low cost at a reasonable cost.

Location, the standing of UK universities, and international reputation all have an impact on international tuition costs. Generally speaking, an MBA in London will be more exorbitant than one in Scotland, Wales, or the north of England.

The cost of the fifth-best MBA program in the world, offered by London Business School, is £109,000 per year for applicants from outside the country. The MBA program at Durham Business School, which is ranked 10th in the UK, costs just £35,000. Here are the top five MBA programmes in the UK along with their associated international fees.

  • University of Cambridge - £64,000
  • University of Oxford - £71,440
  • London Business School - £109,000
  • Alliance Manchester Business School - £47,000
  • Imperial College Business School - £61,500

So, if you want to do an MBA in UK, you can check out these universities. These universities will bring a pace to your professional world.

MBA Scholarships

In the UK, innumerable MBA scholarships are accessible to students from abroad. There are plenty of scholarships available for the students highlighted on college websites or you can connect with WayUp Abroad for it. Get complete information about scholarships for MBA in UK for Indian and International Students.

  • The Forté Foundation Scholarship, the Imperial Future Leaders Scholarship, and the Imperial MBA Scholarship
  • The University of Oxford's Business School's Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
  • The Cambridge MBA Scholarship

Types of MBA Courses

The MBA courses are divided as per the student's preference and this blog entails every information.

Full-Time MBA

  • The full time MBA is of two years and students who enroll in it are pursuing a job with the degree. The full time MBA program offers coursework like accounting, marketing, management, finance, and strategy. The modules are designed to provide a clear view of the business world and promote leadership skills in students.

Part-Time MBA

  • The part-time MBA is for full-time job people. These students are working professionals and want to grow their careers with new skills. The part-time MBA classes are run on weekends on in the evening.

Executive MBA

  • For the working professionals, who are keen on polishing their existing skills and can amplify their employee opportunities and value, can pick up executive MBA.
  • While attending their regular work, they can finish up their MBA course in their busy schedule. The course duration can be one year or two years. The course structure is definitely

Online MBA

  • This is the new boom in the overall academic curriculum. Even the best UK universities also do offer online MBA course. The whole academic curriculum is almost same with the regular system with a few modifications.
  • But the entire delivery and discussions will be available in virtual mode.

Graduate MBA Careers

  1. Management in Consultancies
  2. Management in Food and Beverages
  3. Management in Health Administration
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Strategy analyst
  6. Business and operations
  7. Finance manager
  8. Product Manager
  9. Marketing Manager
  10. Supply chain manager

Average Salary for MBA Professionals

The average salary of MBA professionals is truly inspiring and motivating enough to pursue it. The average salary starts from 30 to 50 thousand euros and can go even 90 to 1 lakh euros depending on experience and university.

The course also plays a major role in paychecks. Some courses like digital marketing, strategy, etc will fetch a lot of payroll in UK.

MBA UK Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree or equivalent course
  • A minimum of 2 to 3 years of work experience in the relevant sector is not mandatory for all universities.
  • Some universities will ask for GRE or GMAT scores for admission. Even if it’s not asked, having that score report can be a plus point in scholarship and admission.
  • A score card on English proficiency from any of the tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. Some universities accept Duolingo scores too. Check with the particular university for exact requirements, as some waive off the test, too if their academic score in English is excellent in previous classes.

MBA GMAT Requirements

GMAT or GRE is an important exam for the students who wants to purse higher education in UK. But some universities started giving waive off to GRE or GMAT tests too.

They started giving admissions even without a GMAT scorecard. But the GMAT score is really helpful, especially in interviews, in getting into the right university.

  • Anything above 550 scores is considered a good score on the GMAT
  • The university will set up the respective minimum score required for admission if the GMAT score is mandatory to keep.

Where can I study for an MBA Degree in the UK?

The list of options available to pursue an MBA degree in the UK is numerous.

There are different program types available in the MBA part. Below are the few listed:

  1. MBA in Human Resources
  2. MBA in Finance
  3. MBA in Marketing
  4. MBA in Supply chain
  5. MBA in Business
  6. MBA in Digital Marketing
  7. MBA in International Business
  8. MBA in Health Care
  9. MBA in product development
  10. MBA in General

So, based on the course, understand the following factors first when looking for universities

  1. Tuition Fee Budget
  2. Accommodation Budget
  3. Course duration
  4. Course type
  5. Course name
  6. Previous working experiences
  7. Skills and interests

Now, there are so many good universities in the UK you can start filling up your admission. Let’s see some popular universities in UK.

  1. London Business School
  2. University of Oxford: Saïd
  3. University of Cambridge: Judge
  4. University of Chicago
  5. Imperial College Business School
  6. University of Edinburgh
  7. Warwick Business School
  8. Manchester (Alliance)
  9. Durham University
  10. Cranfield School of Management


Which universities offer waivers for English proficiency tests?

There are many universities that don’t require any English proficiency test if your academic score in English is more than 80 percent.

Check with the university and write mails to the university directly if you have necessary percentage and ask for waive off.

What about the part-time opportunities in the UK while pursuing an MBA in the UK?

As the UK is totally English based, you can find alot of part time job opportunities there. If you are already a working professional, you can easily make 300 to 500 Euros per month.

The part-time job opportunities in the UK are much more than any other.

Is MBA better in the USA or the UK?

The UK is definitely better for an MBA as compared to the USA. The reason is the presence of flexibility options in courses and the rapid employment opportunities in the UK for the MBAs compared to the USA.

Which MBA course is best in the UK?

The top digital marketing, product development and management, data analytics courses are trending in UK. But even the rest courses are also popular and good enough in generating a huge return of investment.

Which MBA is highly paid in the UK?

Whatever the popular universities mentioned here can fetch highly paid job opportunities. If you have work experience added to it, then it would provide you with more.

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