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January Intake in Canada 2025

Overview January Intake in Canada 2025

January intake or also known as winter intake in Canada is the second intake for international students. Canadian universities and colleges are giving another chance to the students to try their luck and get admission to their best and most preferred universities. This intake starts from January and ends in April.

This intake brings a second chance to the international students who missed their chance in the fall intake of Canada or looking for some more time to get prepared. If you are planning to enroll in Canadian University – WayUp Abroad brings additional support to you.

Why/Advantages Apply for the January intake in Canada?

Finding the best January intake colleges in Canada is a big task but if you want to know more about such universities, the best and most advanced EdTech consultants are here for you.

We are here to bring you a little closer to the reasons why you should apply for the January intake in Canada 2025. There might be some reasons that you have not applied to the September Intake:

  • Missed Enrollment
  • Need more time for preparation

So, if you have missed the chance, don’t worry, January intake is open for you now.

  • The January intake is the right pick for you because it is less crowded with smaller-size classes.
  • You will have more time for preparation as it will reflect more positive outcomes on your results – also, you will prepare yourself with less rush.
  • This season is filled with a low rush and the lowest student number. Hence, your visa processing time is also reduced with less scrutinizing.
  • The financial aid and scholarships are going to increase in number – you will get what you truly deserve.

If you have missed your opportunity – get your backed up with WayUp Abroad.

Process for Applying to January Intake in Canada 2025

January Intake in Canada 2025 is quite exciting for people who want to network and looking for growth opportunities. However, finding a university is easy but knowing the process is not easy. So, here is the briefing of the entire process of applying Winter Intake in Canada:

  • Shortlist Universities by finding out the programs that interest you and your academic goals
  • Carefully review each university's eligibility criteria
  • Prepare Application Documents
  • Register on the official application portals of your chosen universities
  • Submit Applications and Pay Fee on the defined deadline

This is a universal process, applicable in every university but there might be some universities that have different approaches and processes.

Required Documents

Different universities require different documents. However, not every time they need different ones, they need the same documents. Here is a list of all required documents:

  • All international applicants wishing to study in Canada must have a valid passport.
  • It is necessary to have official transcripts from educational institutions.
  • Universities require your GMAT, and GRE test results.
  • If you have some more certifications, you can submit it to the university
  • Submit the SOP or statement of purpose with the documents

Generally, these are the major documents asked by the universities of Canada. Every intake has the same documents.

Timeline/Deadline for January Intake in Canadian Universities

Key Deadlines for January 2025 Intake in Canada: Three Essential Phases to start the application

  • June-September 2024
  • August – Mid-January 2025
  • January – April 2025

This deadline should be followed by the students and this phase is further divided into the following segments. So, below is a description for each phase curated by the WayUp Abroad:

  • The Early Planning phase starts from March-June 2024
  • Application Preparation can be started from June-September 2024
  • Application Submission ended between September to December 2024
  • Decision and visa processing should be started from November 2024-February 2025
  • Final preparation ended in January to March 2025

January Intake in Canada Universities 2025

January intake Universities in Canada bring an opportunity for international students to reach and fulfil their academic goals and explore their dreams. This is the secondary chance of admission with diversified programs with low competition.

Check your eligibility criteria now:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Standardized test score such as GMAT and GRE
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Financial Support Documentation

Pros and Cons of January Intake in Canada 2025

If you are applying to the Jan intake colleges in Canada, you should know about all the pros and cons of this second season of intake.


  • January intake brings higher chances of admission to the preferred program
  • You can have an extended application deadline for documents gathering and improve academic performance
  • Starting in January provides a fresh start for the academic year, allowing for easier adjustment to a new environment.


  • The programs are very limited for the January Intake in Canada 2025 as compared to the fall intake.
  • Smaller class sizes limit the opportunities of networking with the other students of the institute

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the season of January Intake in Canada?

Universities in Canada normally start their January intake in January and it lasts until April. The last date can be changed or modified by the authority of the college.

Eligibility for the January intake is like the fall intake season in Canada. But you should consider and check the eligibility requirement for the January Intake.

The application process for January Intake in Canada is similar to fall intake and is the first and major season. The application form should be submitted through the website and you can check every detail on the registered mail.

Depending on the university, there are different deadlines for applying to the January intake. But usually, they occur between mid-August and mid-January.

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