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Fall Intake in Canada

September Intake in Canada

Are you planning your September Intake in Canada? Well, if you are, you can grab the opportunity now. Canada have diversified culture because people from different regions stay over there. Canada is a top-rated country for international students with diversified perks and benefits.

The fall intake in Canada starts in September and brings great opportunities for aspiring students.

Going abroad is easy now with WayUp Abroad and this write-up is a comprehensive guide for you. Starts with the advantages and the process of application. The timeline to the pros and cons – everything will be curated for you.

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Overview September Intake in Canada 2024

This season is known as fall intake and is a major period for Canadian universities. The students globally apply in this intake and offer various academic programs, exciting scholarships, and cultural experiences. So, make your first step to go abroad and check out the following points to ensure your academic enrollment:

  • Check out the deadline and ensure you enroll on time
  • Get a comprehensive view of all the courses and find the best one for you
  • The scholarship opportunities are available for the fall intake students in Canada
  • Get a closer view of various culture

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Why/Advantages Apply for the September/Fall intake in Canada?

Do you want to know the date of colleges open for the September 2024 intake in Canada? Well, it lies between December to March and you can apply and choose your preferred course.

Now, we all have one question in mind while applying for fall intake in Canada – “Why”.

So, here is your answer:

  • This is a prime and major season of Canadian Universities and you will get a wide range of course options. Every course caters to and fulfills the interest and desire of the aspired students and brings the best opportunities for the international aspirants.
  • Another significant reason is scholarship. The students coming in the September Intake will get exceptionally good scholarships or financial aid on a merit basis. This would help in eliminating the financial burden on students for a brighter future.
  • You will have a chance to network with the people and get a knowledge of the vibrant cultures of the world. The networking will help you in your academic accomplishments and career accomplishments and boost your career prospects.
  • Fall Intake in Canada gives you ample time to get prepared for the university. You are going to have a good time to arrange documents and make financial availability for a successful application.
  • If you are in Canada, you can’t ignore Autumn – a weather of colors and memorable experience.

Process for Applying to September Intake in Canada 2024

If you planning to appear in the fall intake Universities in Canada, you should know the detailed procedure. So, here are all the required details you need to know:

  • Research of the course and university should be your priority. Check your interests and academic goals. Attend webinars, take counseling, and discuss it with your friends. Or if you want the right advice, WayUp Abroad is here to suggest what suits you.
  • Check all the necessary required documents like an academic transcript, IELTS, and additional prerequisites.
  • Apply online through the website and regularly check the revert through the dashboard or via mail.

Required Documents

The specific documents required for the September intake in Canada will vary depending on the university and program. However, common requirements include:

  • Application form with the academic transcript
  • Proficiency English Test Score
  • statement of purpose
  • & Recommendation Letter

These are some common documents mainly enquired by the university but sometimes they ask for more documents. So, get prepared at the initial stage with the WayUp Abroad.

Timeline/Deadline for September Intake in Canadian Universities

While Canadian universities have different deadlines for applications, most of them fall between December and March for September intake. The deadlines for the particular programs you are interested in should be verified as they might differ. The Canada September Intake 2024 Deadline is as follows:

  • December to March

Your application filling process starts in December which mainly ends in March. You will have two months to arrange the permit and travel and accommodation. The colleges open for September 2024 intake in Canada and students can enjoy their preferred course.

Fall Intake in Canadian Universities 2024

The main admissions period for Canadian universities is the fall intake, commonly referred to as the September intake. With a variety of academic programs, scholarship opportunities, and cultural events, it is the most considered intake period for international students.

Pros and Cons of September Intake in Canada 2024

The colleges open for Fall Intake in Canada brings multiple opportunities too. So, here are the pros and cons that you should know:


  • Extensive Program Options
  • Scholarships
  • Networking Connection


  • Competitive Admission Process
  • Cost of Living
  • Time

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for fall intake in Canada?

The deadline for the application is December to March. Alongside, you need to check if there is some specific deadline mention by college or university.

You need to pass IELTS and need good marks in language proficiency exam.

The Intake of September in Canada is quite competitive and you need a strong academic record with compelling statement of purpose.

You can entitle with the scholarship programs run by university or by government. These scholarships reduce your financial burden. Check college website for more updates.

Accommodation is quite challenging as the September Intake is a prime season. So, you need to prepare for everything in advance by finding the right accommodation timely.

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