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Rank 131 Location London, UK Established 1992 International Students 7%
Famous Courses Psychology, Architecture, Media International Fees Average of 13,500 GBP

University of East London UK

The University of East London has been establishing prospective developments since 1898. UEL is one of the best research institutions in the UK because of its renowned good research programs. This university has dedicated itself to helping students build the skills that will shape their careers for more than 124 years. At UEL and partner universities, there are more over 25,000 students enrolled. The UEL is committed to helping its students acquire the knowledge, emotional intelligence, and creativity necessary to succeed in a constantly changing world. Its slogan is "Knowledge and the Fulfillment of Vows."

Why Prefer the University of East London?

At the University of East London, assisting students in forming their careers is highly valued.

It also aims to make its students the top pick for employers. More than 85,000 students have taken classes at UEL thus far. Every student is given guidance and assistance by the university academics. As a result, a special team of academics is developed to work with dyslexic or other impaired pupils. Some important justifications for the University of East London are as follows:

Emerging University: UEL is among the newest universities in the nation. Many people throughout the world who want to pursue higher education are interested in UEL since it consistently ranks above 200.

Diverse Community: There are over 17,000 foreign students studying at the university, representing over 130 different nations. In terms of encouraging equality and diversity, it is a global leader. For addressing inequality, UEL is placed second among the other institutions.

Placement collaborations: The University of East London works with a variety of partners. It has recently had a strong connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS). All UEL University students now have free access to cloud computing because of this agreement. 

Six Schools: There are six schools within the University of East London UK, and each offers a range of disciplines. These six institutions devotedly provide superior services for their pupils. The schools' names are:

  • Architecture, Computing, and Engineering School
  • Arts and Creative Industries School
  • Community Schools and Schools
  • School of Bioscience, Sports, and Health
  • Psychology School
  • Royal Docks School of Law and Business

Top Key Benefits

There are many more characteristics of the University of East London UK that cannot be described. The university places its students in excellent jobs. It is renowned for its reasonable pricing structure as well. See some of the key characteristics below:

  • In the City of London, there are three contemporary campuses.
  • Its research is 92% validated internationally.
  • The institution has students from more than 130 different nations.
  • Students' satisfaction with the placement was around 96%.
  • In 2022, numerous students and graduates competed in the Commonwealth Games.

Renowned Campuses: 

In Stratford and Docklands, UEL has three campuses. University Square Stratford was the latest to open in September 2013. In 2006, the Barking campus was shut down.

In a nearby borough, UEL provides events and brief programs at the Barking Learning Center. Some students participate in off-campus programmes offered by foreign and UK academic affiliates, such the Malaysian Women's Institute of Management.

University of East London Fees and Courses

The University of East London Charges:

The University of East London's cost structure is reasonable and helpful for students moving to a new country when viewed alongside the top universities in the UK. There is hardly any variation in the costs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition, students who pay their entire tuition before the beginning of the intake will receive a 5% discount from the university. 

Additionally, there is no application cost for overseas students at the university. A placement year is available in some courses for the master's programme in the UK at UEL.

At University of East London, an average tuition fees of undergraduate courses are within 13,740 GBP (13.74 Lac INR). The University charges an average of 13,500 GBP for the respective graduation courses. 

Courses at the University of East London:

Students are always searching for colleges that provide the programs and courses they want to take. The University of East London Acceptance Rate is great with a range of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students from the UK. 

Over 450 different courses are offered by the institution. Following is a list of programs that the University of East London offers. 

B.Sc. Honors on Sports Journalism: 

This course provides a fun, useful, hands-on method for learning how to report on sports. By the time you get your degree, you'll have received comprehensive training to work as a multi-platform journalist, prepared to write for print media as well as broadcast media with University of London UK.

The Best Graduation Courses Are-

Sports and Exercise Science BSc: 

Enrol in this challenging program to learn about the roles that psychology, physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition play in human performance. This course has been used by some of the best athletes in Britain at the time. 

BA (Hons) Social Work:

One of UEL's flagship degrees, this wildly popular program will offer you a satisfying understanding of modern social work and prepare you to be a thoughtful, competent, and successful practitioner.

BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy: 

This sports therapy degree creates sports therapists with the advantage of excellent instruction, a tonne of real-world experience, and abilities that are constantly in demand. 

BSc (Hons) Clinical and Community Psychology:

This course is for you if you want to study and investigate in the real world while still making a difference. Through collaborations or volunteer programs, you'll put what you're learning into effect. 

Top Masters Courses-

M.Sc. in Sports Analysis:

In this respective course, you will study how quantitative and visual analytics are helping stakeholders to make data-driven choices in sports. 

MA in English language teaching:

The only master's program in London that exclusively emphasizes on "Teaching," comprising TESOL and TEFL, as opposed to "Applied Linguistics." 

MA on Youth and Community Work:

You may enter Youth work right away, thanks to this recognized course. You will gain the capacity to foster interpersonal trust and confidence to deal with difficult behaviors. 

M.Sc. in Psychology:

For students having a first degree in a different field, this is a conversion course. It implies that you might continue to pursue professional psychology training. 

MA in Creative Enterprise:

For those who want to use their creative expertise in a freelancing setting to launch their own firm, this university built this course. 

University of East London, Rankings and Enrollment

University of East London Rankings:

The University of East London is ranked 801–1000 globally. The infrastructure of the university is first-rate. Additionally, the institution provides a number of excellent courses with high rankings. UEL is ranked in the top 150 institutions in the UK by The Guardian and The Complete University Guide. 

Following is a rating of some of UEL's best courses: 

  • Ranked first in the UK for research in psychology
  • Ranked second for architecture in the UK
  • 3rd in the UK for Civil Engineering rankings
  • QS World University provides it 801-1000 Ranking 
  • Times Higher Education World university provides 1001-1200 Rank
  • The Complete University Guide gives it 126 Rank
  • The Guardian University UK gives 113 Rank 

Any university's course rating is just as important as its overall ranking. Rankings of courses make it easier for students to understand the advantages and drawbacks of taking a particular course at a university. Check the overall course ranking of UEL University below. 

  • 113 Rank in Business & Management Studies 
  • 97 Rank in Accounting and Finance 
  • 55 Rank in Architecture 
  • 68 Rank in Nursing 
  • 58 Rank in Civil Engineering 
  • 64 Rank in Mechanical Engineering 
  • 98 Rank in Computer Science 
  • 72 Rank in Communication & Media Studies 
  • 102 Rank in Psychology
  • 90 Rank in Law
  • 81 Rank in Art & Design 
  • 70 Rank in Sociology 

Criteria for Admission

At those who are looking to study in UK, the entrance criteria at the University of East London are encouraging. UEL has certain criteria for both the master's and bachelor's programs offered in the United Kingdom. Additionally, a medium of instruction is not accepted by the institution for the IELTS waiver. It should be mentioned that certain programs have stricter requirements than others. 

Here are the eligibility requirements for the UEL University:

  • For undergraduate programs, applicants should have achieved a score of 60-65% in their 12th standard examinations.
  • A bachelor's degree with a score of 50–55% is necessary for postgraduate programs.
  • For those pursuing a doctorate (PhD), a master's degree with a score of 65-70% is necessary.
  • In terms of English language proficiency, an IELTS score of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each band is required for undergraduate and postgraduate applicants.
  • Doctorate (PhD) candidates need to achieve an IELTS score of 7.0 with at least 7.0 in each band.
  • Alternatively, a PTE score of 59-64 or above is acceptable for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. However, the University of East London UK does not accept the PTE for doctorate (PhD) applications.
  • TOEFL scores of 72-80 or above are accepted for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, but not for doctorate (PhD) applications.
  • Duolingo test results are not accepted for any level of study.
  • Medium of Instruction (MOI) is not accepted as a qualification for admission.

UEL University Notable Alumni

UEL University boasts an impressive list of notable alumni, spanning diverse fields. Among them, Roger Taylor, the legendary musician known for his role in Queen, stands out as a music icon. His contributions to rock and pop culture are undeniable. 

Sonam Kapoor, a prominent Bollywood actor, is another shining star in UEL's alumni constellation, with a flourishing career in Indian cinema. 
Cynthia Erivo, acclaimed for her talents in both acting and singing, has made waves in Hollywood, earning accolades for her performances.
Marina Diamandis, the celebrated singer-songwriter, also graced UEL with her presence, captivating audiences worldwide with her unique musical style.

The inventive contributions that visionary filmmaker and screenwriter Ken Russell made to the film industry are what people remember about him. UEL University is proud to have developed such a wide range of talent. 

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Under graduate

  • BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Science
  • BA (Hons) International Relations
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Post graduate

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • MA in Education: Leadership and Management
  • MSc in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
  • MA in International Development
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence
  • MA in Human Resource Management

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International students can enrol in just three intakes at the University of East London. September, January, and May are the starting months for UEL admissions, accordingly, known as May Intake UK, September Intake UK, and January Intake UK


In the UK, every student looks for scholarships to lower their tuition costs. International students are assisted via the University of East London scholarships. In the section, two significant scholarships are listed. 

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