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Rank 74 Location Bath, England Established 1975 International Students 8%
Famous Courses Art & Design, Creative Writing, Business, Education International Fees £14,400-19,390

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University brings up a learning opportunity in the most stunning space in the UK. The university offers plenty of courses from foundation and undergraduate to postgraduate study and research. 

The college accepts all three intakes (September, January, and May Intakes) and is now ranked #89. The acceptance rate is 12% and students having a strong academic record can take seats at Bath Spa University. The university was founded in the year 1852 with 4 campuses. Some famous courses and programs offered by the Bath Spa University are – MIM, MA, BA, BBA, MS, and 14 more courses. 

Bath Spa University UK also offers some exciting scholarships and awards like Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, The Hall Commonwealth Scholarships, Regional Office Scholarships, etc. 

This blog will articulate each thing about Bath Spa University like rankings, fees, intake, admission criteria, and many other information. Let’s find each one of them with a keen discussion. 

Why Bath Spa University for International Students?

Bath Spa University UK provides top-notch degrees, research opportunities, and instruction across multiple subject areas. To help you get the most out of your time at the university, the institution offers excellent resources to its students, including state-of-the-art libraries, sports facilities, and specialized student support services. 

At Bath Spa University, there's always something fresh and interesting happening, from museums and galleries to live music venues. Although the university is in the south of England, students studying at Bath Spa can still afford the accommodations because the rent is very reasonable. The city is renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere, and through the university's clubs and societies, students can meet new people.

Apart from the listed above reasons, here are a few more that encourage international students to be part of Bath Spa University:

  • The city is rich in vibrant and historical culture
  • Passionate Academic Community 
  • Supportive International Community
  • Beautiful & Safe Campus

Students have a chance to explore more and provide the best job opportunities for the students at American Express, Zara, and many esteemed organizations. Thus, taking admission to Bath Spa University is going to be a great choice. If you want to learn more about it, you can consult with WayUp Abroad Experience Consultants and Counsellors. 

Bath Spa University Ranking

The ranking of the University lies at #89 as per the The Guardian - University Rankings & the university ranking UK states it in 95th position. The Bath Spa University Ranking improved over time like earlier in 2022, it was in the #91 position as per The Guardian - University Rankings, and The Complete University Guide - University Ranking UK ranked it 105th in 2022. 

The QS World Ranking gives it the #148th position in the world and as per the Times Higher Education World University Ranking of 2022, it lies between 201-205th position. 

Bath Spa University Ranking shows how versatile the university is and how every year improvement is cultivated by the university. 

Bath Spa University Fees

Different courses have different fees structures at Bath Spa University. Here is a complete checklist including the duration of the course and the Bath Spa University fee for different courses. Also, please remember that the course fee may be changed with time as per the subject and university norms.  

Courses Tuition Fees Duration & Eligibility
MIM Pound 13 K - 18 K Duration: Upto 24 months
MA Pound 12 K - 17 K Duration: Upto 1 year
BA Pound 13 K - 16 K Duration: 3-4 years
BBA Pound 13 K - 15 K Duration: 3-4 years
MS Pound 13 K - 17 K Duration: Upto 1 year
BE/B.Tech Pound 13 K - 16 K Duration: 3 years
B.Sc Pound 14 K - 16 K Duration: 3-4 years
LLB Pound 13 K - 15 K Duration: 3 years
BJMC Pound 14 K - 16 K Duration: 3 years
MBA/PGDM Pound 16 K Duration: 12 months

So, these are some popular courses and the fee structure of Bath Spa University. If you want to enroll and take admission, you should check the course properly and the fee structure too. Also, these are some courses but the university offers plenty of them. So, choose your preferred course as per your interest. 

Criteria for Admission

These are the standard prerequisites for admission that apply to students worldwide. If you fit either of these or the requirements unique to your nation, you can apply. 

Undergraduate UG Requirements for international students to be eligible PG Requirements for international students to be eligible
  • Diploma in International Baccalaureate with a minimum of 32 points
  • Three A levels for BBB–BCC grades
  • Additional international certifications up to par.
  • CBSE, CISCE, WBCHSEB, Higher Secondary School Certificate/Indian School Certificate (standard XII), with 65%, including grade C in at least five subjects. 
  • Normally a Second-Class honours degree with a minimum overall final grade of 55%. 

Apart from these criteria, you have to pass the IELTS, GRE, and other exams too. Also, you need to score 6 or more 6 to be admitted to Bath Spa University UK. Every criterion is listed and mentioned by the university and the students are required to monitor and look for it closely. 

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the criteria, just check out the website of the college or consult with WayUp Abroad.  


- Reasons for choosing Bath Spa University UK?

If you are looking for some good reasons to choose Bath Spa University in the UK, here are a few of them:

  • Filled with modern amenities for the students
  • Vibrant culture
  • Public Research university
  • Skilled Lecturers

- Which Intakes are accepted by the Bath Spa University UK?

The two intakes are accepted by the Bath Spa University:

  • Spring 
  • Autumn

What is the deadline to apply at Bath Spa University UK?

The deadline for applying at Bath Spa University UK are January 8th, 2024 and August 12th, 2024.  

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Under graduate

  • MA Fine Art (Photography)
  • MA Fine Art (Curatorial Practice)
  • MA Fine Art (Ceramics)
  • MA Fine Art
  • MA Design (Visual Communication)
  • MA Design (Textiles)

Post graduate

  • MA Fine Art (Curatorial Practice)
  • MA Fine Art (Ceramics)
  • MA Fine Art
  • MA Design (Visual Communication)
  • MA Design (Textiles)
  • MA Design (Illustration)

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The Bath Spa University officially accepts two intakes - Spring Intake and Autumn Intake. Bath Spa University will accept applications on March 1, 2024, and October 1, 2024. The application deadlines are as follows: January 8, 2024, for March 1, and August 12, 2024, for October 1.

But lets have a discussion of the three major intakes:

September Intake - With most programs starting in September, this is the biggest and most popular intake. It's a convenient option for international students because it falls on the first day of the UK academic year and many other countries' school holidays.

January Intake - A few undergraduate programs and some postgraduate courses offer a February intake, which can be a good option if you want to start your studies sooner or if you miss the September deadline. It permits a slightly later start to the academic year and gives you more time to get your applications ready.

May Intake - A third intake, known as the summer intake, is being offered by a few UK universities for a select few postgraduate programs in May and June. Students who need more time to finish their applications or who wish to begin their studies in the summer may find this intake appealing. 


A variety of scholarships are available from Bath Spa University to assist graduates in paying for their education. Regional Office Scholarships, The Hall Commonwealth Scholarships, Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, and so forth are a few of them.

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