Big Changes for International Students in Australia for 2024: Study in Australia

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Way Up Immigration. Today, we're diving into the crucial changes affecting international students planning to study in Australia in 2024. Stick around till the end of this video to ensure you're well-informed about these updates that might shape your educational journey.

Application Process with Way Up Immigration:

If you're considering studying in Australia, kickstart your application process with Way Up Immigration. You can reach out to us through the number displayed on your screen or by sending a direct message on Instagram. Remember, our application process and assessment services are entirely free of cost.

Current Visa Scenario:

As of now, Australia is exclusively granting visas to students deemed genuine and authentic. It's vital for prospective students to maintain a continuous educational history without significant gaps. The key visa to apply for in 2024 is the Subclass 500 visa, specifically designed for full-time study in Australia.

Visa Duration and Work Entitlements:

The Subclass 500 visa can be valid for up to 5 years, depending on the duration of your chosen course. During the academic term, students are allowed to work for 48 hours every two weeks. However, during holidays and vacation periods, they have the flexibility to work full-time.

Financial Requirements:

Starting October 2023, applicants must showcase evidence of funds amounting to a minimum of 24,505 Australian dollars in their bank accounts. It's crucial to note that insufficient funds significantly elevate the risk of visa rejection. These funds are expected to cover the cost of living in Australia, emphasizing the importance of financial independence without relying solely on part-time work.

Application Process:

Initiating the application process involves submitting the 157A student visa application form, accompanied by an increased application fee. Strong financial proof and a valid passport are indispensable requirements. 

Obtaining an offer letter and Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for Australia has become slightly more challenging, making it advisable to start the application at least 7 to 8 months before the intended intake.

Additional Requirements:

In addition to the standard documentation, applicants need to provide evidence of health insurance and an English language proficiency test. A mandatory criminal record clearance and other required documents in Australia must be furnished.

Authenticity and Processing Time:

Maintaining a genuine profile is paramount, with fabricated documents strongly discouraged. Australia has become more stringent in this regard. Officially, the processing time for visas is approximately 59 days, but significant delays, stretching to 3 to 4 months, are being experienced. Therefore, it's highly advisable to commence the application process at the earliest convenience.

Conclusion and How to Get Started:

If you're considering studying in Australia, don't hesitate to begin your application with Way Up Immigration. Reach out to us via the displayed number on your screen or send us a direct message on Instagram. We hope this video has provided valuable insights for you. For more informative content, please subscribe to our channel. Thank you for tuning in!

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