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Key Information

Rank 110 Location England, UK Established 1992 International Students 9%
Famous Courses Business and Management, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Design International Fees 13500 to 20000 GBP

Birmingham City University UK

BCU is the 2nd highest and popular university in Birmingham City, UK. Birmingham College of Arts was the name under which it was first established in 1843. In 1992, replaced as BCU. The university has a pair of campuses in Birmingham: City South and City Centre. Both campuses are renowned for their unique educational offerings. ‘Do what you are doing; attend to your business’, is the slogan of the university. Additionally, Birmingham City University is located in Birmingham, the UK's second-largest city.

Reasons of Choosing Birmingham City University in UK

Academic Excellence: Birmingham City University is committed to delivering high-quality education. Leading authorities in various disciplines who are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and prepared to go deeply into a subject to meet the needs of students make up BCU's faculty. With an emphasis on practical learning, you will graduate with real-world skills that employers value. 

Super Location: BCU provides a distinctive student experience, and it is tucked away in the centre of Birmingham, one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse cities in the UK. The city's thriving arts, business, and technology sectors provide countless opportunities for internships, networking, and career advancement. 

Oversea’s Students’ Hub: The institution hosts around 25,000 international students from all over the world. Students from all racial and ethnic origins are welcomed here. Youth from various ethnicities, racial groupings and cultural backgrounds make about 40% of the population. This is how, Birmingham City University UK serves as a home for overseas students. 

Industry Connections: Birmingham City University boasts strong industry connections that drive student success. Students get access to internships, networking opportunities, and practical experiences through partnerships with top companies and organizations. The institution makes sure its graduates are ready for the workforce by emphasising content that is relevant to industry. Birmingham, a thriving hub for various industries, facilitates easy access to key players in fields such as business, technology, healthcare, and the arts. These connections enrich the educational journey and empower students to excel in their chosen careers, making Birmingham City University a prime choice for aspiring professionals.

Research Opportunities: BCU UK offers diverse and exciting research opportunities across various disciplines. With state-of-the-art facilities and a collaborative environment, students and scholars can engage in groundbreaking research, making a meaningful impact on society. BCU’s faculty comprises renowned experts who are passionate about mentoring and guiding researchers on their academic journey. Whether you're interested or pursuing a career in academia, Birmingham City University provides a dynamic platform for your research aspirations.

Teaching Method: The university employs more than 1800 teachers. The students may now simply approach their lecturers thanks to this. The university has modernized its curriculum by making it more adaptable. This enables the students to acquire new info and use it practically. Students can also get a practical education from this newly build curriculum which is applicable for the workplace. 

Student Support Services: BCU is dedicated to its students' academic achievement and welfare. To guarantee that students have a good and successful time at the institution, the support services offered include academic advising, career counselling, mental health help, and more.

Top-notch Facilities: The university has a reputation for making investments in the BCU’s facilities. BCU University has so far spent more 340 million UK dollars on the university’s infrastructure. The funds are used to upgrade the university’s laboratories and entire campus. The university stands out among other inexpensive institutions in the UK because of this. 

Top Considerable Points in BCU

It is important for students to understand the university’s distinguishing characteristics. Due to its reasonable study structure, BCU should be a top choice for those who desire to study in UK. Here are some salient characteristics of Birmingham City University:-

  • It is the second-highest university in the UK. 
  • More than 100 different nationalities are enrolled here. 
  • More than 50 courses have received accreditation from CIMA and CMI like organizations. 
  • It provides more than 1000 UG and PG courses. 
  • All courses have reasonable tuition rates. 
  • Outstanding employability rate

BCU University Courses and Fees

Courses Offered by Birmingham City University:

Birmingham City University offers a wide variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. The institution primarily provides programs in 12 disciplines. The university provides 41 part-time and 153 full-time programs for undergraduate learners. However, it provides 133 full-time and 60 part-time master's programs in the UK. These include:

  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Arts and Design
  • Health Sciences
  • Computing and Digital Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Education
  • Law
  • and many more 

Birmingham City University Tuition Fees

Birmingham City University Fees may vary depending on the program, level of study, and your nationality. International students don’t pay any application fee at BCU. The university’s tuition fee varies from, 13500 to 20000 GBP for the academic years 2023-2024. These fees change on every year. This price range covers all the university’s undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. 

Students who work part-time employment in the UK can easily cover this program cost. The hourly salary is typically between 15 and 20 pounds. In order for students to simply monitor their weekly living expenditures along with the fees.

Ranking and Intake of Birmingham City University - BCU

The ranking of a foreign university is crucial while making your decision. The university has a very high rating both globally and in the UK. The comprehensive university guide rating and the guardian ranking system place it among the top 100 institutes in the UK. 

  • QS World University Rankings 2023: Ranks 1001–1200
  • 89 Rank is provided by The Complete University Guide UK rankings 2023. 
  • Rank 501–600 by THE World University Rankings 2023
  • 100 Rank is awarded by the Guardian University UK Rankings. 

BCU Ranking of the Courses in 2023:

  • 103 Rank in Business and Management Studies 
  • 88 Rank in Accounting and Finance
  • 52 Rank in Civil Engineering
  • 57 Rankin Electrical & Electronic Engineering 
  • 62 Rankin Mechanical Engineering 
  • 89 Rankin Computer Science 
  • Rank 70 in Psychology 
  • 53 Rank in Art and Design 
  • 24 Rank in Communication and Media Studies 
  • 81 Rank in Sociology 
  • 46 Rank in Nursing 
  • 81 Rank in Law 

Admission Criteria of Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University England admission criteria is also good. Students are always looking for the UK entrance criteria, this is why, overseas students are subject to qualify this standard. BCU requires 55 to 60% in higher secondary to provide a bachelor’s degree. However, students who have an average score of 50% from a reputed university from anywhere, can get a master’s from here. 

Most UK universities don’t recognize MOI and Duolingo results. But, the university where the English language test results are a must is BCU.  


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Under graduate

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics
  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Post graduate

  • MA in Fine Art
  • MSc in Data Science
  • MSc in Environmental Management
  • MA in International Relations
  • MSc in Public Health
  • MA in Media and Communication

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Intake Seasons: BCU generally offers intakes through the year, making it convenient for students to start their academic journey as per their preferred time. Common intake periods are in September, January, and May, known as May Intake UK, September Intake UK, and January Intake UK


Undergraduate Scholarships and Postgraduate Scholarships Up to 2000 pounds. Undergraduate Scholarships and Postgraduate Scholarships Up to 2000 pounds

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